Entry #2


2011-02-16 21:45:49 by glenimusprime

can anyone tell me a good flash video program i can use to create with?


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2011-03-23 16:06:34

Adobe Flash CS3

glenimusprime responds:

thx pal


2011-03-23 17:09:04

yes. adobe flash cs3 or cs4. I recommend using a torrent site. ThePirateBay is pretty good. If you're a student like me, you can get Flash cs4/cs5 at a pretty huge discount of 80%. That's what I did. Don't misunderstand though, It still cost me
$180. If none of those options suit you, you can download the bare essentials of Macromedia Flash 8. <-- This is the program of old. It's primitive, but it works.

Kay, now that that's covered, stop taking google images off the internet and photoshopping them and submitting them to the flash portal. That's not awesome.

glenimusprime responds:

thx dude